We love to read… The Scooter! series

The scooter was travelling so fast that Bashers considerable bulk dragged behind in a straight line pointing skywards. His trainers started to work themselves loose and were dragged off his feet; his button pinged and the trousers followed the trainers, disappearing into the foggy cloud. He was forced to let go of one handlebar to hold on to his underpants. Just as the other hand was losing its grip too, the golden scooter started to slow down, causing Bashers bottom to land with a juddering thump on to the footplate, which had mysteriously become so hot that Bashers underpants soon started to smoke…

Welcome to Pocket money No-Shows!

Just to explain….

Pocket Money This bit means that kids can afford to buy their own books, because we keep the prices very, very low.

No-Show. This bit means that there are no pictures in the body of the book! I know this is radical, but once someone else’s picture is in your head you cannot get rid of it no matter how hard you try.

Children are born creative, so the PMNS series is specially designed for young readers aged approximately 6-11 years old to visualise their own ideas of what each character looks like; let them conjure up their own internal picture of each scene.

I love to see what children have imagined. They often send me their interpretations of what they have read. No two are ever the same.

Parents, carers and teachers, please encourage young readers to create their own images. I can guarantee they are always more interesting than anything an adult can cook up!

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I am Zanna Maybury, and Pocket Money No Shows (Or PMNS – it’s easier!) is a special site for kids stories. The Pocket Money bit is because all the stories can be bought on Amazon Kindle with pocket money. Each story only costs £3.99! (Or equivalent in your territory). The No Show bit is because- shock horror- there are no pictures inside, I just want you to use your imagination and create your own mental images. The series starts with the Scooter trilogy. My favourite character is Basher Conroy – oh, and the scooter. Who is yours?

The NEW Scooter series!

You’re never going to believe this – in fact Basher couldn’t believe it either- Nanny Conroy has made him do ballet. Trying to hide his ballet lessons from his usual victims sets off a series of events which has the scooter, Jake Barley, Sam, and Cinnamon Seed in a pile of trouble difficult to imagine. Luckily, the scooter’s mad antics sort everything out in the end, and Basher finds himself with a hobby he would never have chosen…

All Pocket Money No-Show books are available on Amazon Kindle.

Let us know what you think.

Better yet, send us pictures of anything you have read.


It’s not just us!

I am thrilled to discover that there is a book called ‘The Book with No Pictures’ by BJ Novak!

I will be reading and reviewing it soon, so keep your eyes skinned…

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