We love to read… The Scooter! series

The scooter was travelling so fast that Bashers considerable bulk dragged behind in a straight line pointing skywards. His trainers started to work themselves loose and were dragged off his feet; his button pinged and the trousers followed the trainers, disappearing into the foggy cloud. He was forced to let go of one handlebar to hold on to his underpants. Just as the other hand was losing its grip too, the golden scooter started to slow down, causing Bashers bottom to land with a juddering thump on to the footplate, which had mysteriously become so hot that Bashers underpants soon started to smoke…

Welcome to Pocket money No-Shows!

Just to explain….

Pocket Money This bit means that kids can afford to buy their own books, because we keep the prices very, very low.

No-Show. This bit means that there are no pictures in the body of the book! I know this is radical, but once someone else’s picture is in your head you cannot get rid of it no matter how hard you try.

Children are born creative, so the PMNS series is specially designed for young readers aged approximately 6-11 years old to visualise their own ideas of what each character looks like; let them conjure up their own internal picture of each scene.

I love to see what children have imagined. They often send me their interpretations of what they have read. No two are ever the same.

Parents, carers and teachers, please encourage young readers to create their own images. I can guarantee they are always more interesting than anything an adult can cook up!

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I am Zanna Maybury, and Pocket Money No Shows (Or PMNS – it’s easier!) is a special site for kids stories. The Pocket Money bit is because all the stories can be bought on Amazon Kindle with pocket money. Each story only costs 99 pence! (or equivalent in your territory).The No Show bit is because- shock horror- there are no pictures, I just want you to use your imagination and create your own mental images. The series starts with the Scooter trilogy. My favourite character is Basher Conroy – oh, and the scooter. Who is yours?

All Pocket Money No-Show books are available on Amazon Kindle.

Let us know what you think.

Better yet, send us pictures of anything you have read.



Writing Competition…What’s That thing?

Keep scrolling down to our writing competition. This is to celebrate the launch of Pocket Money No Show.

Not only are there prizes, you also get your story published on Kindle!

We want your story!

Download the application form.

Check out the terms and conditions, and send us your ‘WHAT’S THAT THING!’ story!

We cannot wait to read what you have created….and cannot wait to see it in print. And even better, your entry fee supports a fantastic new charity for young people. It is called Yn Draamey. See what it’s all about here http://www.yndraamey.com


Writing Competition Entry fee

‘What’s That Thing? Tell us all about it. Then we will publish it. And you might even win a prize! Entry is totally FREE! (If you would like to make a donation, it would be most welcome, but you don’t have to, your story will still be printed).






‘What’s That Thing?’

Hello Dear Teacher, Parent or Carer, budding author.

This is the first ever writing competition of publishers, Pocket Money No Show. This is a new type of publishing house, encouraging young readers to rely on their own imagination instead of simply absorbing the pictures created by others. This means that the body of our books does not contain any image which might prevent young people visualising for themselves.

 Pocket Money No Show is a publishing house designed to get young people using their own imaginations, instead of the received images so prevalent in social media/games and many books designed for children and young adults.  Our books are inexpensive too, so children can afford to buy them with their own pocket money.

To launch our new venture, all the stories submitted in the ‘What’s That Thing?’ Competition will be featured in our first children’s three-part anthology, ‘What’s That Thing? regardless of winning a prize.


There are two reasons: The first is that we have all been startled and dismayed to witness the effects the last couple of years of lockdowns, and the threat of illness, have had on our youngsters, and indeed, on their parents, carers, siblings, and teachers.

The Covid 19 pandemic has left a lasting, negative impression. Thankfully, the outcome has not been as extreme as we at first feared; nonetheless, that threat of imminent danger has profoundly affected most of us. Young people are impressionable; many are now afflicted by a sense of hopelessness, a feeling that bad things can happen that are completely outside their control.

The role of the arts in ameliorating this damage is well documented and understood. The ability to escape the negativity that now seems to haunt society is crucial to the recovery of the mental and emotional wellbeing of us all, but especially young people.

Many have sought solace in the various genres of the creative arts, but by far, the most easily accessible has been deciding on a story or poem, then writing it down. Research shows that this simple pastime takes people of all ages to their happy place. And this brings me neatly to the idea of creating an anthology of our children’s work. I distinctly remember the first time my work was published, and the thrill it gave me.

And more than that, the confidence that comes from knowing you can create something which may change people’s lives. Sometimes readers relate to a character thought up by an author, or a situation that occurs in a story. Sometimes reading someone else’s work releases emotions that generate peace, hope, and healing. Often, others are inspired to write too once they have encountered an interesting story.

We at Pocket Money No Shows want to read their stories. And then we want to publish them so that others can read them too.

The second reason is to support Yn Draamey Community Theatre. This wonderful new Manx charity provides performing arts training to all, irrespective of their personal circumstances. Theatre training enhances the opportunities of all who participate; it creates confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude which promotes success.

 By writing a story, and submitting it, aspiring writers make an invaluable contribution. Thus, their creative talents are enabling the creative talents of others.

So, this is the idea…

  1. Write a story! The genre is: FICTION. This means that the entire thing is made up. The story, the characters, the setting; nothing is real, it all happens inside the head of the writer, that’s you…who then writes it down for others to read.
  • THEME: One day you discover a Thing that you have never noticed before. You don’t know where it came from; you might not even know exactly what it is. Should you keep it or try and return it to its owner? The Thing you find could be something completely ordinary; or something mysterious and unidentifiable. This is your story now. Tell us what happens next. There is a rule though; you must include the phrase ‘What’s That Thing?’ in your story, although it does not have to be the title if you can think of something better.

Age 7-10 years = 500 – 750 words. (Junior)

Age 11-13 years = 750-1500 words. (Middle School)

Age 14-18 years = 1000-3000 words. (Senior)

  • PICTURES: If you would like to illustrate your story the resolution needs to be between 300 and 450 DPI. Pictures can be photographs (only of things, not people). They can also be drawings, paintings, or generated on other media, but they must be your own work and not copied from somewhere else; that’s the same rule for drawings, paintings, or photographs.
  • Anyone aged 7-18 years can submit a story.
  • Documents must be typed in a Word compatible file using double line spacing and good margin widths.
  • On the title page give yours/your parents/carers name, address, phone number and email address, story title and word count.
  • Include the name of the author (this can be just your first name if you prefer; it can also be a pen name).
  • Forward your submission to:


So then what?

Every entry will be read so that a decision can be reached regarding the winning entries. There will be three editions based on the different age groups. Each age group will receive a first, second and third prize, and your school or library will receive a trophy.

Then we will let you know if you have been successful, and a permission document will be emailed to you. As soon as we receive permission to publish, the complicated process of editing and compiling the anthology begins. This will take about 3 months. We are aiming to publish on or around 25th July 2022. This means that members of the public can buy the book containing your story!

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of entry with great care.

  1. If your word count is too high, we will edit your story to the correct length. If anything in your writing detracts from the quality of the work, we reserve the right to amend it, but only where absolutely necessary.
  2. Pocket Money No Show reserves the right to delete any inappropriate language.
  3. We cannot accept any late entries; please ensure your submissions reach us in good time.
  4. You can submit up to three different stories, on the condition that they are all completely different.
  5. You cannot submit a story which has been printed elsewhere, and the submission must be all your own work. There are serious legal ramifications if you steal someone else’s work.
  6. If you prefer to submit your story under a pen name, your wishes will be respected, but please put your real name on the submission so that we know who to send the prizes to.

ENTRY FEE: There isn’t one!

The ‘What’s That Thing competition is to raise funds for Yn Draamey, a new Manx charity for the education and training of aspiring performers. Being a member of Yn Draamey is completely free of charge, and gives participants access to professional training in all aspects of performance. We will be conducting sessions by Zoom in the future, so it does not matter which part of the world you live in, if you are a performer you can still take part! (https://www.yndraamey.com).

 The entirety of the profit from any books sold on Kindle, either eBooks or paperbacks, after prizes have been paid, goes to Yn Draamey Community Theatre.


Simply complete the entry form and submit your story. Upon receipt the parent/carer of each author will be sent a release form. Our team will then assess the stories, correct, and amend where necessary, and prepare the anthology for publishing.

All contributors will be sent a proof of their amended/corrected story, and an explanation of the corrections.

The anthology, ‘What’s That Thing’ will be published on Amazon Direct Publishing, and each author informed of the publishing date.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get writing!

We are looking forward to finding out:

What’s That Thing?

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