What’s the Point?

The point is to be a creator!

This means conjuring up your own ideas; not just copying someone else’s.

If there is an exciting story in your head, write it.

If you read something exciting/scary/beautiful/ridiculous, draw it.

If a piece of music makes you want to move, just do it!

That is why I created Pocket money No-Shows. I am a writer, so I make books out of what is happening in my head; but here’s the difference…..inside my books there are NO PICTURES. Sorry to shout, I do not mean to be rude. The images inside your head when you read a story will be different from every other person who ever reads the same book. This is nothing short of a miracle. I sometimes worry that we are losing the knack of how to do this, so I am on a mission.

Consider this: when you watch tv, someone else has made up and created the images. They are not really yours at all. When you play a video game those compelling little figures and scenes were made up by an artist who has never met you. Once you have seen them and they are in your head, you can never get them out again.

I am not making this up. The human memory is a phenomenal beast; it never forgets anything. Once you have seen, heard, or felt something, it is in your head forever.

Actually, this is very useful, except that it stops your own ideas from ever being born. It is good for some things, like remembering where you live, who your family are, who to avoid, what you like to eat, and how to pass tests at school.

But sometimes it stops you letting your own pictures take flight.

So when you read a Pocket Money No-Shows book I do not want your imagination invaded by pictures you have not made yourself. When I receive pictures inspired by my stories, no two are ever the same, even though everyone has read exactly the same words. I consider this completely marvellous!

So, enjoy the PMNS pictureless books, then send me your pictures so we can show all the other readers. Never worry about pleasing other people, just please yourself. The more outrageous your picture, the better.

And do not stop there! Write your own stories, I love to read them and share them with our fellow readers. Most of all, tell me what you do and do not like about the PMNS stories; this helps me write better stories, so I am very grateful for your opinion.

Bring it on people, let us all be creators!

Published by zannamaybury

I write stories for young people. My stories are all tinged with magic of one sort or another, and are full of adventures. That is because, in my heart, I am aged somewhere between 9 and 12 years, depending on the day, and so I write about what I would most like to be doing. The books are all for sale on Amazon for the ridiculously low price of 99 pence(GBP), so that kids can afford to buy them with their own pocket money. A word of warning: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE THE ADVENTURES! Unless of course, you have a secret stash of personal magic.

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