Stories for Tinies

Stories guaranteed to make them sleepy and relaxed. I should warn you though, they might make you sleepy too. You can find me reading them on my You Tube channel, if you don’t feel like reading them yourself; or you can print them off to read to your child. They cost 50 pence per story.


Mabel: Bedtime story #1

Mabel cannot decide which story. But in the end, she just wants to snuggle down, listening to her mum reading to her. simple


Thundrille and Licketty: Bedtime story #2

It’s lonely being a witch. It’s also quite lonely being a frog. Thank goodness Thundrille and Licketty found each other!


Fenella and the Snow: Bedtime story #3

It is not always easy to share, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. Fenella loves living alone inside her toadstool….until something scary happens.



Monster Under the Bed: Bedtime story #4

Reuben was sure there was something under the bed. there was! But it was not really a monster. Just a thing that loves chocolate biscuits. Please note, the 50 pence does not include the cat.