The Scooter! series

by Zanna Maybury

This is the first Scooter! series, but it won’t be the last. Already the scooter is planning a breakout from Cinnamon Seeds tool shed.

And nothing can stop it…

Scooter 2: It should have been Basher’s revenge. Instead, it’s the scooter’s
Scooter 1: this is where it all starts…
Scooter 3: Scooter thwarts a plot. It’s almost as if it can think for itself…
Quinn Shipton designed the covers. She will also draw the pictures for the next three in the series. Thank heavens for that! Thank you Quinn.
Scooter: The Trilogy! All the first three books in one place. It’s much cheaper than buying them singly too.

Coming shortly….Basher does Ballet.

Watch this space.